Good Git Branching Structure

You know you’ve properly mastered a version control system when you’ve figured out its branching best practice and incorporated it into your work.

For a while we were using Git like SVN and we weren’t at all taking advantage of its special features, including lightweight branching and peer-to-peer cloning. For me Git is quite a departure from SVN and I’ve never used Git in a distributed environment that is typical in an open source project. As a result I struggled to come up with a good branching system that would let us maximise the benefits of using Git. Of course, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel so we set out to find the generous souls that share their Git branching setup with the rest of the world. We found this excellent¬†article.

It sounds like a reasonable setup and we’ll give it a go. I have a feeling using Git this way will lift our Git skills up by a few notches.